we all love


Look deep into nature, and you will
understand everything better.

Our Activities

Moffet Cattle

Want a cow? We have one just for you!


Our main venture, to create the perfect gin for the Montenegrin Lord Zoltan Dragovic the 3rd

Moffett Brothel

Unlike any brothel you have seen. Only serving the LGBT community with one handsome stud!

Moffet Hive

No not the club/hostel. Bees and stuff. Buzz buzz motherfucker

Moffett Breeding

Great animal porn means healthy animal population

Moffett Builders

For some reason we also build stuff in another island middle of no-where in Australia

“Original and with an innate understanding of their customer’s needs, the team at Moffett Farm are always a pleasure to work with.”

Jane Miller


No choice but fully organic

As one of the most remote place in the world, everything we do is %100 organic as we dont really have another choice


Other than how did you end up there, hit us up below.